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What is the work of AWS solution architect

An AWS solution architect is working on constructing a technical answer to a problem/question that is important to the end user’s needs. It may change from time to time, depending on the challenging sources and your particular area of ​​expertise. The work function of an AWS Solution Architect can be situated divided into two broad categories: • Reactive Tasks: This can occur when the client prompts you to fix a problem. Typically, this may ask questions like “How do I implement a battery-powered IP CCTV solution anywhere and access it remotely?” How can I remotely retrieve data from a vehicle? ...

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Segmentation and Security – in Cloud and Software Defined Network (SDN)

The cloud is here to stay. The benefits in terms of cost and flexibility are evident and allow organizations of all sizes to be faster, more flexible, and reach their customers more optimally. However, this does not mean that all current infrastructure is going to be thrown away and replaced by cloud environments. An extended period of coexistence awaits us, at different levels of the weight of one option over the other, which will force us to manage and administer hybrid networks. One of the main obstacles when adopting “the cloud” is security. We have become accustomed to the necessary ...

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